50m Roll of Adhesive Mylar Foil Tape (6mm Width)


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This adhesive mylar foil tape can be used with shielded RJ45 plugs. This conductive tape can be applied to the cable jacket and the cable drain wire instead of soldering the cable shield to the shell of the RJ45 plug. Once the plug is crimped, the tape will make contact with the RJ45 shell.

Physical Characteristics
Length 50m
Material Mylar Foil
Width 6mm
Compatible List of Shielded RJ45 Plugs
CN-RJ45SC RJ45 Cat5e Plug Shielded with External Crimp for Round Cable (8P 8C)
CN-RJ45S RJ45 Cat6 Plug with Insert Shielded for Round Cable (8P 8C)
RJ45 1 Piece Cat6 Plug Shielded for Round Cable (Solid or Stranded) (8P 8C)
CN-RJ45C6SPT-50 RJ45 Cat6 Pass-Through Shielded Plug (Solid or Stranded) (8P 8C) - Pack of 50
CN-RJ45C6A2S RJ45 Cat6a Shielded Plug with Insert (Solid or Stranded) (8P 8C)
CN-RJ45C6A3-50 RJ45 Cat6a Shielded 3-pcs Plug (Solid or Stranded) (8P 8C) - 50 pack
CN-RJ45C7S2 RJ45 Cat7 Shielded Plug with Lacing Bar Insert and External Strain Relief (Solid or Stranded) (8P 8C)
Packaging Information
Included in Package 1 - 50m Roll of Adhesive Mylar Foil Tape

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