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"Once again I have to commend you on your fabulous service. I will continue being one of your valued customers. FYI, would you please thank all your staff for making it an absolute pleasure dealing with your company. The receptionist is especially a pleasure to talk to and is a refreshing change compared to most companies front line. Thank you so much for all your help."

Yves G.

"Just received my first order from Infinite Cable and want to congratulate your team, I'm impressed by the quality of your cables, the packaging and the speed of shipping. It will be a pleasure to recommend your company to my colleagues and other partners. Thanks"


"Over the course of 40 years involved with audio products, I've spent hundreds on individual RCA cables thinking I was getting the "ultimate" cable. Needing additional cables, I wanted to spend a lot less, but didn't want to sacrifice quality. Infinite Cables was the answer. At Infinite Cables I now spend a small fraction for cables of equal or better performance and construction. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Great products, great staff and usually receive the order the next day. "



"I received my package. Very pleased with the cables. Will definitely recommend and use again."


"I never imagined I would urgently need a replacement power cord, but I did, and I'm so glad I found your company on the web - friendly, fantastic service and it's a load off my mind going into the holidays. Thanks, and you have a great holiday too!"

Mike C.

"This is the ONLY place I get my cables from. The service is fast and friendly, shipping is on par with any competitor and the products are above what you would expect for the price. 10/10 would recommend"

Rick M.

"Thanks again for taking care of me and prepping the order for same day pick up. I've already referred your site to other friends of mine and I look forward to other purchases in the future."

Arthur M.

"I must start by saying I am very upset with Infinite Cables.
I placed the order yesterday and everything came in today! I didn't even have room for the boxes! :-)

"Seriously, though, thank you very much for the excellent service. I have added Infinite Cables to my list of favourite suppliers.

" t is very reassuring to see this level of service: easy to order, friendly customer service and quick shipment. "

Billy N.

"That is the fastest, most efficient order and shipping process I have ever seen.. Just got my product. Kudos to you and your company."

Brian S. 
From West Chester, OH

"I am impressed with the cables. As a matter of fact they are more than I was expecting. They are heavy duty and very well terminated. I think you have done something special here. Cables like these from one of the big name companies would cost considerably more, I'm sure. I had never heard about your firm, but if anyone asks me about hi-fi accessories I will tell them about Infinite Cables.

"I am a highly satisfied customer and won't hesitate to return to your site if I need anything else."

Steve B.

"Thank you so much for your help. It was a real pleasure speaking with you. Hopefully, if your cables are as good as your customer service, I will definitely be placing my future orders with Infinite."

Philippe F.

"Just wanted to tell you that you guys are now officially my new favourite company! I ordered 3 SLA batteries last Friday. I called yesterday to make sure my order went through because my Paypal statement was a bit confusing. After two rings of the 800 number, I spoke with an actual person (and a cheerful lady, at that!) to whom I explained my case, expecting to be transferred to some Customer Service rep... but no, she asked my Sales Order number and immediately confirmed the order was indeed processed and shipped already.

"All in all, it took about a minute. I think it only took that long because I was silently bewildered and looking for my words. And this morning, Purolator delivered the items.

"It's a pleasure doing business with a company such as yours! Our own company takes a lot of pride in its customer service, and I'm happy to see we're not alone. And since I know the many satisfied customers are much less vocal that the very few unsatisfied ones, I make a point of letting organizations know when I feel their service is outstanding. And yours is. Thanks to everyone involved."


"Thanks again for your help. I know I have said this in the past but its nice to have a reliable source with knowledgeable and helpful staff. That's why I keep coming back."

Ross G.

"I received my order the next business day which was great. I really appreciate dealing with Canadian companies who not only answer their own phone but actually deliver the goods on time and as ordered."

Per H.

"thanks! got the cables today... speedy shipping and friendly service = will order from you again!"

Christophe E.

"WOW.. I am impressed, I just got my parcel and I am impressed.
I am usually very picky with cables and such, but I have to admit you surpassed my expectations.
Please pass the thank you to everyone there. You just got a new customer :)
Prices are unbelievably fair, the web is simple to use (although I may have some recommendations :), the shipment was a breeze (1 hour between the time I order and the time it was shipped), and the packaging was impeccable."

Brad H.

"Thank you very much.
I see that the order is already on the truck and should be delivered today. I can't even get a local retailer to return my call in the amount of time it takes to place an order with you and have it delivered to my door.


"Hello i just wanted to email you to let you know that i am VERY impressed with the product and the shipping time, needless to say i will definitely be doing business with you in the future thanks."

Marc B

"Wow .. I already got the package … that was lightning fast !!
Thanks again !"

Ray S.

"Wow I received my cable in 1 day! With turnaround time like that It is worth ordering from you instead of going to future shop for my audio/video needs. Excellent service and prices. Well done."

Stephen M.

"Just to let you know that the power cord has just arrived and I already installed it. It is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for your very quick service (since you had the correct address). Also, from in my opinion, your website is very well done, easy to follow, ordering was straight forward; and best of all, the customer service was outstanding."

Doran M.

"Got the package today. Came quickly, nicely packaged. Thank you so much for your help and professionalism. Will remember you for future requirements."

Bill M.

"Just wanted you to know that the cables arrived this afternoon. They were exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much for the prompt shipping & excellent product."

Dave L.

"Thanks for the confirmation and tracking numbers!!! I really appreciate the effort towards excellent customer service."


"Thanks for the fast service and I like the cables. Will keep your website on file."


"By the way this is my second order and I am very happy with your products and services..."


"Thanks for the quick reply. I needed to wait 10 minutes because the truck arrived just after I emailed you. I will be putting in another order by Friday. your products look very impressive.thanks again."


"Thanks again for your extraordinarily friendly and efficient service!"

Richard N.

"Awsome! You can expect our business in the future."

James C.

"That was fast! Thanks! I will be sure and spread the word about your company!"

Dave T.

"Thank you very much, wonderful customer service!"


"Thank you. Excellent service as always!"

Brad W.

"Hey Jenny, phenomenal service as I received the cable yesterday. Appreciate the speed and very reasonable shipping rates."

Cam N.

"Thanks…this is my second order with Infinite Cables and your service is outstanding!"

Bill T.

"Received the order today.
You and Infinite Cables are awesome!!!"

Waseem A.

"Excellent service, thanks for your quick response, much appreciated."

John B.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fast response. I ordered these below cables on Thursday during the day. We are located in Kissimmee, FL and I was quite surprised but we received them today, Friday morning.
What a great company. Your Customer Service is superior. We will be doing business again."


"Thanks for the quick turnaround. I am glad to have found you guys. I have passed along your website to a couple people already.."