Cable Comb Organizer for CAT Cables Diameter 5.1mm to 7.5mm - Black

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Thistool is used to better handle cables bundle. It helps organize tangled wires ofvarious sizes and lengths. It can be used for the cable OD from 5.1mm to 7.5mmand the flexible material easily allows cables to be pulled through the cableorganizer.

One Piece Design Fits Multiple Cables

This tool organizes CAT cables with different diameters from 5.1mm to 7.5mm. It is easy to use and saves on installation time.

Durability and Convenience

Made from a durable material, it decreases thefriction while combing cables through the organizer.


Physical Characteristics
Operating Temperature -20°C to 80°C
Cable Compatibility
Cable Diameter5.1mm to 7.5mm
Packaging Information
Packaging Quantity 1
Product Weight0.05 lbs

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