OM4 Multimode 50 Micron Indoor/Outdoor (Corning ClearCurve) - OFNP Plenum Fiber Bulk Cable (per meter)

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Fiber Count: 2-strand
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This bulk OM4 fiber cable is indoor/outdoor plenum rated and has a tight buffer construction. It is OFNP rated for plenum and general inside plant environments. It also has a UV stabilizer for protection against exposure to the sun.


  • 900¬Ķm Tight Buffers
  • Water blocking aramid yarn strength members
  • UV resistant jacket, OFNP rated construction
  • Corning ClearCurve OM4 optical fibers
  • Jacket print ensures product identification and fiber compatibility
  • Durable jacket offers added protection during installation and in rugged use applications


Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Fiber Optic Type OM4 50 micron Multimode OFNP Plenum Indoor/Outdoor Tight Buffered Cable
Fiber Count

2-Strand/ 6-Strand/ 12-Strand

Glass Fiber
Corning ClearCurve
Sub Unit Diameter 900 Micron
Nominal Diameter

2-Strand : 4.4mm

6-Strand : 4.8mm 

12-Strand : 5.8mm 

Bending Radius (Installation)

2-Strand : 6.6cm

6-Strand : 7.2cm

12-Strand : 8.7cm

Bending Radius (Operation)

2-Strand : 4.4cm

6-Strand : 4.8cm

12-Strand : 5.8cm 

Pulling tension


Operating Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 deg C ~ +70 deg C
Wavelength 850nm / 1300nm
Attenuation Max. 3.0dB/km @850nm 
1.0dB/km @1300nm 
Link Length

550m (10Gbps @850nm)

Bandwidth (EMB High Performance) @850nm
Fire Rating OFNP Plenum
UL Yes
Product Support
RoHS Yes
Country of Origin USA 
Packaging Information
Package Quantity Per meter
Cable Weights
2-strand 6-strand 12-strand
0.044 lbs/m 0.051 lbs/m 0.081 lbs/m

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