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This magnetic tool consists of a transmitter and a receiver which allows you to pinpoint the exact drilling location without measuring. It has the ability to transmit through up to 4 feet of concrete walls or floors. With its audible and illuminating arrow indicators it gives a directional signal to accurately locate the reference transmitter.

Drill through walls with complete location certainty

This tool is designed to easily locate the reference point when drilling through concrete walls, wood frame walls and floors. It Helps eliminate wall damage due to misplaced holes and reduces cable installation time.

Easy to Use

Place the transmitter on one side of the wall and from the opposite side the receiver will indicate which direction to move using its four red LED arrows. When perfectly lined up with the transmitter, all 4 arrows will illuminate. It is accurate up to 1/2"and works through walls up to 4 feet thick.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Material ABS
Up to 4 feet
Manufacturing Information
Magnespot Part Number XR-1000-K2
Rack-A-Tiers Part Number 42900
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 2.46 lbs [1.11kg]
Included in Package 1 - Carry Case
1 - Transmitter
1 - Receiver (Locator)
1 - Adhesive Tack
2 - Alkaline 9V Batteries
1 - User Manual

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