Magnetic Cable Pulling Tool - Magnepull

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This magnetic pulling tool consists of a roller magnet, in-wall metal leader and a pulling chain. The Magnepull allows the installer to direct a wire behind a wall or even carpet to the desired location. Works in walls with or without insulation. The in-wall leader can be attached to the pulling chain, fiber rods or directly to the cable. Rubber wheels prevent wall damage and powerful magnets provide a strong connection.

Easy to Use

This extremely powerful, magnetic wire snake can easily fish wire through walls.


This magnetic pulling tool can be used to pull in hollow walls, insulated walls and even under carpeting. It also makes for a great stud finder for metal framed walls and works well in insulated walls as well.

Physical Characteristics
Color Red/Black
Manufacturing Information
Part Number Magnepull XP1000-LC
Rack-A-Tiers Part Number 42800
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 2.46 lbs [1.11kg]
Included in Package 1 - Magnepull XP1000-LC
1 - 6" Jack Chain

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