Cable Tie Screw Mount Base - Pack of 100

Size: 15.2x9.4x6.8mm
Color: Clear
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These cable tie screw mount bases are used to fasten cable-tied bundles to flat surfaces. The cradle design at the top of the mount allows for the bundle to fit snug. The mounts can be screwed directly to the desired surface. 

Physical Characteristics
Color Black / Clear
Type Cable Tie Screw Mount
Mount Size 0.60" L x 0.37" W x 0.098" H [15.2x9.4x6.8mm]
0.70" L x 0.5" W x 0.3" H [17.8x12.7x7.5mm]
0.87" L x 0.64" W x 0.38" H [22.0x16.2x9.6mm]
1.00" L x 0.64" W x 0.189" H [25.4x16.2x10.8mm]
Hole Diameter 0.130 Inches [CT-SM01]
0.170 Inches [CT-SM02]
0.205 Inches [CT-SM03, [CT-SM04]
Max Cable Tie Width 0.189 inch (50lb Tensile Tie) [CT-SM01, CT-SM02]
0.300 inch (120lb Tensile Tie) [CT-SM03]
0.354 inch (175lb Tensile Tie) [CT-SM04]
Material UV and Weather Resistant Nylon 66
Flame Retardant 94V-2
Application Temperature -40℃ to +85℃ [-40℃F to +185℃F]
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +85℃ [26℃F to +185℃F]
Application Cable Bundling
Mounting Screw Mount
Packaging Information
Product Weight 0.11 lbs [0.05kg]
0.22 lbs [0.10kg]
0.31 lbs [0.14kg]
0.46 lbs [0.21kg]
Included in Package 1 pack of 100

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