3.5mm 4C Male to 3x RCA Female Cable (Component Samsung Dongle)

RCA CablesSKU: RCA3-V35-01

Length: 1ft
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This cable consists of a 3.5mm 4Cmale on one end and three RCA female connectors on the other. It is used specifically to adapt a Samsung TV that have a 3.5mm component receptacle to red, green and blue RCA component receptacles.
Physical Characteristics
Cable Length 1 foot
Color Black
Connector Plating Gold
Jacket Material PVC
Connector A 1 - 3.5mm 4C Male
Connector B 3 - RCA Female (Red,Green,Blue)
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1 - Cable
Product Weight 0.08 lbs [0.02kg]
Warranty Information
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Supported Models
Model Number HG46NB890XF, HG55NB890XF, HG65NB890XF, KN55S9CAF, PN50C7000YF,PN51F8500AF, PN58C7000YF, PN60F8500AF, PN63C7000YF, PN64F8500AF, T23A350,UE40C9090ZW, UN26C4000PH, UN32C4000PH, UN40B6000VM, UN40B7000WM, UN40C5000QF,UN40C6400RH, UN40C7000WF, UN40JU7100F, UN40JU7500F, UN46C5000QF, UN46C6400RH,UN46C7000WF, UN46C7100WF, UN46C8000XF, UN46C9000ZF, UN46C9000ZV, UN46F8000BF,UN48JS8500F, UN48JU7500F, UN50JU7100F, UN50JU7500F, UN55C6400RH, UN55C7000WF,UN55C7100WF, UN55C8000XF, UN55C9000SV, UN55C9000ZF, UN55F8000BF, UN55F9000AF,UN55JS8500F, UN55JS850DF, UN55JU7100F, UN55JU7500F, UN60F8000BF, UN60JU7090F,UN60JU7100F, UN65C8000XF, UN65F8000BF, UN65F9000AF, UN65JS8500F, UN65JS850DF,UN65JU7100F, UN65JU7500F, UN65JU750DF, UN75F8000AF, UN75JU7100F, UN78JS8600F,UN78JU7500F, UN78JU750DF, UN85JU7100F, UN85S9AF, UN85S9VF

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