1 Inch Conduit Wire Pulling Guides - White - Pack of 10

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These 1 inch conduit wire pullingguides are used to pull cables through electrical boxes and around cornerseasily. These sturdy plastic guides ensure safe pulling and protect cables sothat they do not get damaged during installation. They also save time byreducing labour allowing one person to pull cable on their own.

Protection for your Wires and Cables

These wire pulling guides protect cables from getting damaged, cut and snagged during installation.

Easy to Install

These guides are easy to insert and can fit on various size conduit. They can also be removed after use and be reused on the next install.

Save Time and Labour

These guides save time by reducing labour, allowing one person to pull cable on their own.



Physical Characteristics
Manufacturing Information
Rack-A-Tiers Pull Buddy Part NumberPull Buddy 42100
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight0.48 lbs [0.22kg]

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