Battery Terminal Adapter F2 Female to F1 Male

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This terminal adapter has an F2 female tab on one end and an F1 male tab on the other. It is used to convert an F2 (0.25”) tab to an F1 (0.1875”) tab.

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions L x W x H 0.6 x 0.2 x 1.2 inches
Amperage 105Amps
Connector A
F2 Female
Connector B
F1 Male
Packaging Information
Packaging Quantity
Product Weight 0.01lbs

This product was a lifesaver for me. I purchased a replacement garage door battery that had two male F2 terminals on it. Unfortunately, the garage door opener had one female F2 connector and one female F1 connector. The difference between an F2 and an F1 terminal is 1/16", but I was unable to connect my $50 battery without this little component. Thank you Infinite Cables!!!
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