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This USB to display converter allows you to adapt an available USB 3.0 or 2.0 port to one or two displays via DVI/VGA and/or HDMI. It provides a simple video solution capable of adding multi-monitor displays to a USB enabled desktop or laptop computer. It can be used to mirror a desktop, showing the same image on each display, or to extend a desktop on to a second or third monitor to double or triple a workspace. This device also can be used as a USB to Ethernet converter with the available Gigabit Ethernet Lan port. This product cannot be used as a main display, as there should be a display plugged directly into the source.

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The USB to VGA converter consists of a USB 2.0 A male on one end and a VGA female on the other end. It allows you to connect an extra monitor or TV through your desktop PC or laptop's USB port. This converter provides high throughput using the USB 2.0 bus and supports high definition monitors. The converter can either extending or mirror your monitor.
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