Bix Test Probe Clip (BIX17A)

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This bix test probe (BIX17A) is used for quick tesing of bix distrubution panels. Alligator clips quickly connect to a butt set and the other easliy mates with a bix block for individual pair testing.

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length 12 inches
Color Black/Red
Connector A 2 - Alligator Clips
Connector B 1 - Bix Block Mate
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.04 lbs [0.02kg]
Have a client with Norstar system and does this ever become a must have when testing lines on BIX blocks. Tester seems well constructed but could use leads a bit longer. For those techs unfamiliar with Nortel systems stop moving, splicing wires the system itself is capable of relocating phones or you can always change the station number in programming.
Easy online transaction, fast shipping and good prices. I will shop here again for sure :)
Great job no issues...
First time purchasing from Infinite Cable. Very pleased with service.
Hi Sebastien,
Thank you for your review. We have not had any defects or returns for this product thus far, but we appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you have an problems with it, we would be happy to help.
Nice product but cheap plastic really thin and fragile.
In my previous this was part of my tools. Needed to get my own for my new job (same field). Proper tool for using on a BIX block without damaging the pairs.
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