8 Outlet Surge Protector - 3600J, 6ft cord, Down Angle Plug, 2 USB Charging Ports, CATV/Phone/DSL Protection - Black

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This multimedia surge protector features 8 power outlets, 1 RJ11 DSL output, 1 RJ45 ethernet output, 1 RJ45 ethernet input, 1 F-Type coaxial output, 1 F-Type coaxial input and 2 USB ports. The 2 USB ports allow for charging of USB devices. It also has 3 outlets with wide spacing to properly fit transformer plugs. The protected/grounded indicator lights show if surge protection is working and if it is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. This can be used with most small home and office appliances.

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length 6 foot [1.8m]
Color Black
Plug Type Down Angle Plug
Joules Rating 3600
Protected/Grounded Indicator Lights Yes
Electrical Rating 15A/125V 1875W
Power Outlets 5 x 5-15R Standard Size Outlets
3 x 5-15R Standard Size Transformer Outlets
RJ11 1 x DSL out
RJ45 1 x Ethernet in
1 x Ethernet out
Coaxial 1 x F-Type in
1 x F-Type out
USB 2 x USB A Female (2.1A Total)
c(ETL)us Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 1.7 lbs [0.7kg]

$400,000 Connected Equipment Warranty:
If, during the time period listed for you model, any equipment properly connected to the Surge Protector is damaged by a transient spike or surge (as defined by industry standards) that enters the equipment through a properly installed surge protector, the manufacturer will reimburse your reasonable cost to repair or replace the damaged equipment (at the option of the manufacturer) up to the maximum U.S. dollar amount listed for your specific surge protector. Please see the installation guide for your model for additional details.

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