HDMI Inline Repeater Female to Female, 4K @60Hz up to 30m

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This 4K*2K HDMI repeater consists of HDMI female ports on both ends. It is used to extend the length of a HDMI cable by boosting the HDMI source signal before outputting it to a HDMI display.

Physical Characteristics
Color White
Housing Plastic
Video Input Connector 1 - HDMI Female
Video Output Connector 1 - HDMI Female
Power Supply Not Required
PC to Monitor Yes
PC to TVYes
DVD to Monitor Yes
DVD to TV Yes
ResolutionMaximum: 3840 x 2160 (4k x 2k), YUV 4:4:4
Vertical Frequency RangeMaximum: 60Hz
Video Amplifier BandwidthUp to 18Gbps
HDCP2.2 / HDCP1.4 Compliant
Supports Uncompressed and Compressed Audio
Supports 3D
Cannot be daisy chained
Signal Transmission80ft @ 4k x 2k @ 60Hz (50ft In, 30ft Out)
150ft @ 4k x 2k @ 30Hz (100ft In, 50ft Out)
200ft @ 1080p @ 60Hz (100ft In, 100ft Out)
*Maximum Lengths May Vary Depending on the Source, Display and Cables Being Used
CE Yes
UL Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.03 lbs
Package Weight 0.1 lbs [0.1kg]
Included in Package 1 - HDMI Repeater


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I used this to extend my Rogers 4K Cable box signal. The Rogers box is in the basement connected to a 35Ft cable then to this unit and then through a short 3 ft cable to my Sony tv. It is powered by the connection. Without this I had signal loss or snow or dropouts. With this unit no problems. I have had it installed for 4 months of continual use. This is a good product and I would recommend it. Saves me the hassle and cost of running a more expensive cable. It has a red led on it to show its working. I’d that is annoying put black tape on it. Just make sure you plug it facing the right way. There are arrows on it for the signal. A no brainer!
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