10 inch EconoCinch EG screw down - Black - Pack of 20

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This EconoCinch-EG screw down wrap is ideal for bundling and organizing computer and network cables. It has a solid brass grommet with an ID of ¼. It can be attached with a metal fastener to a wall, cart, or equipment racks. Made in the USA using Velcro® brand hook and loop touch fasteners material.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Length 10 inch
Width 3/4 inch
Type Screw Down Strap - Package of 20
Rip-Tie Part Number K-10-GET-BK
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 20
Product Weight 0.20 lbs [0.09 kg]
Included in Package 10 inch by 3/4 inch Wide Black Screw Down Velcro Cable Strap - Pack of 20

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