30ft 1/2 inch Rip-Tie RipWrap - Black

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This roll of RipWrap is 30 feet in length and is black in color. It is a multi-purpose strap for organizing and handling low voltage cables. The 100% polyethylene hook attaches onto the 100% polyester loop creating a tight wrap. The wrap is ideal for outdoor installations. Made in the USA using Velcro® brand hook and loop touch fasteners material.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black
Length 30 foot [9.1m]
Width 1/2 inch [1.27cm]
Hook Material 100% Polyethylene
Loop Material 100% Polyester
Outdoor Rated Yes (Polyester Construction)
Re-Fastening Cycles Minimum 25
Rip-Tie Part Number G-05-030-BK
Packaging Information
Product Weight 0.02 lbs [0.01kg]
Included in Package

1 - 30 foot roll of RipWrap All-Purpose Strap

These are perfect for tying up cat6 cables - trim to size, they hold well without pinching, and you can reuse!! Great buy!
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