Stingray Wire Pulling Guide for T-Bar Ceiling

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The Stingray wire pulling guide is used to pullcable through a drop ceiling. The guide protects the cables from becomingtangled with the grid and protects the grid from twisting and bending. Italso protects cables from being scratched and reduces installation time.

Protection for your Cables and Ceiling

The wire pulling guide protects cables from becoming tangled with the ceiling grid and protects the grid from twisting and marring.

Easy to Install and Remove

The guide is easy to install. Simply remove the ceiling tiles and snap the Stringray into the corner of the drop ceiling. The slit in the guide allows easy removal of cables from the tool at any time. When you are finished with this tool, simply pull on the Stringray tail and slide it off the grid.

Save Time and Labour

Prevents cables from tangling, hence saving time and labour. Its smooth interior creates an almost frictionless chase.



Physical Characteristics
Color Blue
Ceiling Grid Supported
Fits 1" standard ceiling grid
Product Dimensions8"W x 6.5"D x 2.5"H
Manufacturing Information
Madison Electronics Stingray Part NumberMERAY
Rack-A-Tiers Stingray Part Number40400
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight0.5 lbs [0.45kg]

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