Sealed Lead Acid Battery 6V 12amp x 4

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The BT-6V-12A consists of four 6 volt, 12 amp sealed lead acid, non-spillable, rechargeable battery. This battery is typically used as a replacement battery in UPS systems, security alarm systems or security lighting applications.



Physical Characteristics
Type 4x UPS Replacement
Terminal Type F2
Tab Size 0.25 inch
Container Material ABS(UL-94HB)
Length 6 inches [151mm]
Width 2 inches [50.5mm]
Height 3.7 inches [94mm]
Operating Temperature 25±3℃ (77±5℉ )
Compatible Terminal Adapter
BT-ADT2T1Battery terminal adapter F2 female (0.25”) to F1 male (0.1875”)
Internal Resistance Approx.15mΩ
Max. Discharge Current 180A(5S)
Rated Capacity 12.00AH (20hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
11.31AH (10hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
10.15AH (5hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
9.23AH (3hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
6.92AH (1hr, 1.75V/cell,25℃/77℉)
Cycle Use Charge Current Less Than 0.25CA
7.05V~7.35V@25℃(77℉)Temp. Coefficient -30mV/℃
Floating Use No limit on Initial Charging Current Voltage
6.75V~6.9V@25℃(77℉)Temp. Coefficient -20mV/℃
Capacity affected by
40°C 103%
25°C 100%
0°C 86%
-15°C 65%
Self-discharge 3 month Remaining capacity: 91%
6 month Remaining capacity:82%
12 month Remaining capacity:65%
Packaging Information
Product Weight 16.4 lbs [7.4kg]
Packaging Quantity 4 UPS Battery 6V 12amp
Warranty Information
Warranty6 Months
Compatibility Information
Model NumberAPC Back-UPS BK800
APC Back-UPS BK900
APC Back-UPS BP900
APC Smart-UPS SU900
APC Smart-UPS AP800
APC Smart-UPS AP900
Exide NetUPS 1000
Exide NetUPS SE 1000
Powerware UPS 3115-650
Powerware UPS 5105-1000
Powerware UPS 5119-1000

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